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Publication: The Female Body on Social Media

Our essay “The Female Body on Social Media”, co-authored with long-time colleague professor Yusuf Kalyango Jr., has come out in the volume Social Media: A Reference Handbook, edited by Dr Kelli Burns. The essay presents an overview of knowledge on the relationship between social media and body image. We also present the findings of our research, which asked women about the content of  their Facebook posts related to their weight, body image, dieting, or weight loss.

An agenda for body image research?

Next week an exciting event is taking place at U of Strathclyde: a meeting that will gather academics, clinicians and third-sector experts to discuss body image and eating disorders. The aim is to discuss gaps in our knowledge in these areas and propose a research agenda that would fill these gaps. I’ve worked on this project together with a colleague from Marketing, Dr Andrea Tonner, and Julie Cameron from the Mental Health Foundation. Read my post for the Glasgow City of Science blog here. 

Publication: Facebook use linked to negative body image

You may not be too surprised to find out that spending time on Facebook is linked to thoughts about our bodies and the bodies of our friends. But what exactly is the connection? Find out from our new study published online in the journal Women & Health, and co-authored by me, my good friend  and fellow Mizzou alum Dr Yusuf Kalyango Jr and my former master’s student  at University of Iowa Ellen Paasch.

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