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Student work: The Kick

Blog post on an innovation

By Agne Gaidyte, fourth year student in 2017-2018

Have you ever been so scared in your life that the fear left you utterly speechless?

A job interview.

A presentation.

A date.

The sweaty hands, the nerves and the constant fear that you’ll mess up. The anxiety and fear before is the first major battle a person faces, but finally there is a solution, all within a thumbs reach.

Download an app, get the Kick and it will all go away.

No anxiety.

No shyness.

A world without people holding themselves back.
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Student work: Glasgow Needle Exchange Closes amid Controversy

News story on a controversy

by Sara Paciaroni, fourth year student in 2017-2018

Stigma and discrimination would be behind the closure of Glasgow Central Station needle exchange on 24 September, according to experts.

Network Rail’s decision to close Glasgow’s busiest needle exchange “demonstrates that people who use drugs continue to be stigmatised and discriminated against”, said Emma Hamilton, National Training and Development officer at Scottish Drug Forum (SDF). “This increases the barriers for people engaging in services generally due to distrust and lack of rapport,” added Hamilton.

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