Publication: Newspaper coverage of tobacco control in Missouri

How have Missouri newspapers covered the ongoing battle over tobacco control in the state? Find out from our newly-published article in Journal of Community Health, co-authored by me, my doctoral mentor and chair Dr Shelly Rodgers and Dr Kevin Everett from University of Missouri – Columbia.

This publication results from the CASE project, which was funded by Missouri Foundation for Health, and which connected campuses and communities in an effort to create community support for smoke-free policies. The project ran for six years and during that time, we also monitored all newspapers in the state for all coverage of tobacco issues.

We studied 4,711 stories and found that they were mostly local, episodic and with a positive slant toward tobacco control. However, more negative than positive headlines were used and editorials were negative more often than events or features. Public health facts were used rarely and coverage differed between towns with and without a smoke-free ordinance.

Read the full study here.