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A new online magazine is here: Constructive News Scotland!

Our master’s students in Digital Journalism launched their online magazine Constructive News Scotland (CNS) on 9 March, as part of my class Producing Media.

The class puts everyone in a real newsroom situation by asking students to create, launch and run a digital magazine for several months. Each year, students come up with different publication concepts based on their interests. This year, the magazine will focus on constructive journalism, which covers issues and events in a way that doesn’t just focus on the problems, but offers solutions.

Want to read their stories? Find them here. And enjoy their promotional video below.

Student work: The Kick

Blog post on an innovation

By Agne Gaidyte, fourth year student in 2017-2018

Have you ever been so scared in your life that the fear left you utterly speechless?

A job interview.

A presentation.

A date.

The sweaty hands, the nerves and the constant fear that you’ll mess up. The anxiety and fear before is the first major battle a person faces, but finally there is a solution, all within a thumbs reach.

Download an app, get the Kick and it will all go away.

No anxiety.

No shyness.

A world without people holding themselves back.
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Student work: Dermal Abyss: the New Generation of Tattoos

Blog post on an innovation

by Sara Paciaroni, fourth year student in 2017-2018

Today, around 20 million people in Britain have at least one tattoo and the number of tattoos carried out every year is on the rise. But what if tattoos could be beneficial to our health? What if tattoo artistry combined with biomedical engineering could transform body art in wearable displays revealing information inside the body?

This is what researches at MIT and Harvard Medical School, led by Katia Vega, successfully demonstrated last September. Their Dermal Abyss project consisted of developing a special ink containing biosensors, which, patterned into the skin, encode information from the interstitial fluid producing colour changes. Too technical?

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Student work: Glasgow Needle Exchange Closes amid Controversy

News story on a controversy

by Sara Paciaroni, fourth year student in 2017-2018

Stigma and discrimination would be behind the closure of Glasgow Central Station needle exchange on 24 September, according to experts.

Network Rail’s decision to close Glasgow’s busiest needle exchange “demonstrates that people who use drugs continue to be stigmatised and discriminated against”, said Emma Hamilton, National Training and Development officer at Scottish Drug Forum (SDF). “This increases the barriers for people engaging in services generally due to distrust and lack of rapport,” added Hamilton.

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Strathclyde journalism students winners at SSJA 2017

Several post-graduate students from the MLitt in  Digital Journalism course won awards and commendations for their work in my Producing Media class at this year’s Scottish Student Journalism Awards. 

Bryce Mills won first prize in the Arts & Entertainment category for her feature about a tattoo artist in America who creates free 3D nipples to women who’ve had mastectomies. Read the story here.

Sophie Law, co-editor-in-chief of The New Normal, won two commendations for Feature of the Year and the Calum Macdonald Memorial Award for her story about addiction to prescription drugs. Read the story here.

In addition, the student-run paper Strathclyde Telegraph won a commendation for Publication of the Year. (I must admit I had no direct involvement there though).

Best student pieces to be published

In all our practical journalism classes, students write news stories and features, which are often too good to only grade and then forget about. So starting this year, I’ll be publishing on this website the best stories from my fourth year class Journalism Portfolio and also occasional stories from excellent student work in other classes.

What is the new normal? Read on to find out

No automatic alt text available.The new normal is what was once extraordinary now becoming normal and accepted. The new normal is  businesses which care about social  issues above  profits; consumers who are empowered and critical; voters who are active, questioning and petitioning. The New Normal is also the latest online magazine of the master students in digital journalism, who take part in my Producing Media class.

The magazine launched on 17 February with an event at the university and will cover business, culture, and lifestyle for a socially conscious and progressive audience via multimedia packages, news and features.

Read the full story here.