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Full Options charity: a new attempt to help people in need

This month, I joined a group of professionals, academics, immigrants and enthusiasts to form a new charity, Full Options. The charity’s goal is to promote human rights and peace, and to help people reach their full potential. The charity has board members in the UK and Turkey and will focus many of its efforts on Syrian refugees in Turkey. This organisation stems directly from the conference I organised back in September 2017 on Syrian refugees and health, and many of the participants in the event are now part of this new initiative. Our first act, before we had even launched officially, was to collect clothes and toys from Scotland and send them to a partner refugee centre in Eskisehir.

If you want to follow our activities or join us, find us on Facebook!

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The Guardian: Poor body image makes girls less assertive and risks health, study finds

A concerning story from The Guardian on a global study of young girls and their self-esteem. It makes for a difficult reading, but more important is what we do with this information. We have lots of work ahead of us as researchers, advocates for better mental health and self-esteem, parents and educators. The media should be part of these efforts too.

Summer is for resting!

It’s vacation time finally. Taking vacations reduces stress, improves heart health and mental health, and improves relationships, says research. Time to fly out of Scotland, chasing the sun, and to breath in the hot humid air of the Black Sea in Bulgaria and then the Ionian Sea. See out photos from Greece below.